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IST Expert Technology Session Feedback

Mohamed Reza Abdul Gaffar, System Support Consultant – Nedbank Insurance

We live in a world where technology is one of the most important discussion topics and for good reason. People from various age groups interact with technology in one way or another.  Looking at the various industries and organizations, even the little supermarket or coffee shop around the corner to where you live, all rely on technology to create a better experience for themselves and their customers.

After attending the Expert Technology session, it is incredible to see how the experts have adapted, showed agile behaviour and came up with innovative ideas and offerings for the industry. It was illustrated and confirmed that when it comes to technology there are no boundaries. It was really exciting and inspiring to listen to all of the Experts with regards to their journey, ideas, offerings and one can only feel motivated in their technology journey that lies ahead.

The Covid 19 Pandemic did shake up industries, the way we live, work, learn, do business, and how we service our clients. However, it also brought with its “huge” opportunities relating to tech advancements and innovation. With regards to our Townhall Presentation, we as a team will take these learnings and incorporate them with our planning, research, ideas, experimenting, and implementation which will assist us to achieve our goal.


Lubabalo Ndobe, Data Analytics, Altron Systems Integration

Imagine working hard on a project but being unable to convey its value, not because you are unable but because you failed to clearly and concisely get the message across.

So, this session was of value because :

  • We learnt about what it is a presentation; who knew that sharing your findings with your respective line manager is another form of presentation.
  • We got to do prepared and unprepared presentations
  • Most importantly we learnt about preparing, organizing and writing a presentation

In a nutshell, it was quite an exciting session and informative, I got to come out of my comfort zone.


Tshilidzi Ratshilumela, Information Security Analyst, Old Mutual Insure

The program is so exciting and educational, ever since the program started, I have learned so many things that I didn’t know about in short term insurance. I have also learned a lot when it comes to cooperating with athletes and how to deal with my emotions at work. I have also learned how to think out of the box and the fact that the sky is not the limit.

The last session was focused on Business & Presentation Skills and Professionalism. I learned a lot from the session because the presentation was one of my weaknesses. I use to avoid meeting so that I don’t present or answer questions but after the session, I realize that I was limiting myself, I realize that I was holding y self back from being noticed that I am good at what I do.

My key takeaways from it was that being nervous before the presentation is not a bad thing and it shows that you’re a human and that no one is perfect at it all you need to do is to practice and get ready for your presentation. I also learned that for a presentation is very helpful to make notes of only keywords and number them to avoid confusion. I also learned that fear is our imagination and that it doesn’t exist, and we can overcome it and shine. I have also learned that failure is not the end of the world but only the beginning, we must always learn from our failures to do great. I have also learned that time is very important when your presenting and connecting with your audience is also important.


Lerato Mohlala, Systems Tech at The Insurance Institute of South Africa

The session with IT experts was very informative, it highlighted things that will change the way insurance is done and how technology can assist us to do business in the new world. Some of the things that Craig presented spoke to me e.g. Customer needs analysis- Where an insurance product is offered to an individual based on the personalized cover, not on fixed product cover. Another interesting topic Craig spoke about was Zero code Apps that allows a business to deploy innovative products in a matter of days and further allowing clients to configure their products and how COVID-19 has impacted the way customers engage and want to engage going forward also making the company embrace the use of technology to enhance customer service and leverage business.

The presentation from Candice highlighted technologies such as Gamification and neuromarketing that will be able to assist a company/business to track a customer on how much time they spend on a page and the buying power they hold and all of this is possible through the use of data. The presentation from Paul was looking at how Newleaf Technologies is changing the learning experience to users, the introduced gamification on they are system to offer to learn. Newleaf Technologies will receive requirements from the client and be able to personalize the learning experience.


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