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Roots and Wings Second Meet – 17 September 2021

The theme of the day seemed to be energy and almost everyone showed up with plenty of it spare.

From the people to the atmosphere to the talks that were shared. Thabo Thwalo, current vice president of the IIG opened up this year’s Roots and Wings second review and mixer session with a few of inspiration and thoughts on energy. He spoke about showing up and being present and it was clear that all who were in attendance on the day were truly in the spirit of showing up not only for themselves but for each other and the programme. Everyone’s faces beamed with eager anticipation for the day’s proceedings as Linda from Linda Coetzee and Associates engaged with the crowd requesting just word one from each person describing how they felt. Descriptors such as ‘energised’ ‘fantabulous’ and yes, ‘tired’ were shouted out and it gave the attendees a sense of how their fellow mentees and mentors were feeling, prompting people to either relate or empathize.

The speakers of the day comprised of both mentees and mentors who took to the stage to share their wonderful, daring, sweet, funny and most memorable experiences. From mentees Phenyo Mangaba (SASRIA), Gugulethu Kunene (HIC Underwriters), Molebatsi Langa (Old Mutual Insure), Lucent Ngwenya (Ingugama Risk Solutions), Jason Arnott (CIB),  we heard lessons about strength, pushing through the fear, showing up for yourself and being authentically you. As the saying goes, you learn new things every day and this rang true as we were given a lesson on four-dimensional which left everyone feeling on the fence between confused and really inspired to Google.

Among the mentors that shared a piece sans their physical presence at the event were Kishan Vanmali (FHA), whose message was read out by Linda and Macinee Mariah ((Discovery Insure) and  Sharon Paterson (Infiniti Insurance Limited) followed with their journey’s and insights both thought-provoking and motivational.

All this could not have happened in a better setting and we have Constantia Insurance Company to thank for the wonderfully conducive and pleasant space equipped with all the Covid safety protocols we needed. 


Article correlated by Jabulile Mtimkulu 


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