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IST Programme Update

Senelisiwe Nqadini,  Commission Specialist, Miway Insurance

The Town Hall experience where we had to present our concepts in the presence of two industry experts was an amazing experience.  Firstly, the preparation for this event has been gruelling as we have 5 different individuals with different schedules that needed to meet often and discuss the project. We all had to learn the need for strict time management and the importance of thorough research. As a team, we learnt our strengths and weaknesses, as well as the general strength of the team. I was pleasantly surprised by how we as a team managed to build and become a strong unit considering we have not seen each other personally in months.

All the teams’ presentations were exceptional, and the feedback we received from the experts were similar. We need to build more on our business cases; we need to sell the concept in a way that leaves the board or the client without any questions. What stood out for me as well as the comment about the need to explain your concept from the onset so the listener can understand and engage as they go along explaining your concept, keep them engaged.

Looking forward to even more of the course it is very engaging.


Geoff Brookstein, IT Service Desk & 1st Line Support – Tracker

The business case study with the IT Experts was informative as we got a technical view from them and it gave me a broader perspective on what I need to focus on concerning the presentation.  It also helped me personally on how to look at things from a different view and deal with things in increments to deal with a situation or plan. 


Thabiso E. Dibakoane, Systems Specialist, GENRIC Insurance Company

All teams were able to articulate their concepts and their content was well articulated. The concept from each time combined with concepts of other teams can make up a very great innovation. We have a Whatsapp as your Digital Broker, Symbiosis System that will help us get data through hashtags, Claims Leakages ensuring fraudulent claims are omitted. Drones ensure that we have a full view of what risk will be covered,  and the Data Centre where we will be able to retrieve the insurance history for the risk we are about to cover.

One of the good highlights picked up from the presentations is that the teams were able to stand for each other for those who could not make it for the presentation due to some other commitments. That really showed a spirit of teamwork and that the entire team fully understood their concept.

When a technical issue occurred, the teams were able to assist each other and instead of putting a presentation to a standstill, certain team members were able to keep the flow going, outlining their concept while others were busy trying to resolve the issue.

For those with network issues, they were able to inform us in time the reasons why they were to do their presentation without a video on. During Q & A it has proven that the graduates really made a thorough research on their concepts inclusive of future pros and cons. The feedback from the industry experts inclusive of that of our facilitator Forrest was very much helpful and it has covered the loopholes the team might not have thought of.


Thapelo Mothemane, Technician (Mobile Device) – Old Mutual Insure

In our session with the IT experts, our team learnt a lot and would like to incorporate some of the ideas in our town hall presentation. The dry run gave us pointers as it made us take into consideration the actual presentation we were going to do at the end of the program. Preparation was important from a team’s perspective; I would say that we came prepared. 

Having another session before we have our actual town hall will help us to fine-tune our research, it is always great to hear feedback with regards to your performance and in this case the session helped a lot.

Overall, the program has had quite a great impact on us both personally and professionally. We learn a lot every time we have sessions and are given a platform to interact with our experts. That on its own shows how important we are and that the program has great expectations from us. All we need to do on our side is to ensure that we work, do our research and reach our maximum potential


Article was written by Bukosi Khumalo

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