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Kicking it for HOPE!!

150 players, 18 teams on 25 October 2019 a soccer tournament was born to raise funds for Ikholwa Children’s home! The event was hosted by the 2019 the IIG Class of 2019 at Discovery soccer. The day was filled with immense competition from all the teams that represented our Insurance industry. All wanting to be crowned the 2019 champions and all in the view of raising money for the children of Ikholwa.

The day started at 15h3o with the teams being split into 4 pools and each playing 4 games of 10 minutes each. 1 team moved into Semi-finals from each pool.

Semi final 1: Bryte VS Tracker

Semi Final 2: Discovery team 3 VS iToo

The semi-finals were both very close however it was Tracker and Discovery team 3 that came out victorious and now needed face each other in the FINAL.The final commenced at 18:50 and was a 20-minute game and was not short of excitement with Tracker winning in the end.

The IIG class of 2019 would like to thank our main sponsors iToo and Discovery Insurance for assisting in making this event possible and most importantly to all the Insurance companies for entering teams to assist in raising funds for Ikholwa children’s home.

Article written by: Charlene Houston

Photo Credit to: Lebogang Mogari