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Mandela Day: Class Of 2018 build a better future

We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference” – Nelson Mandela

The mandate had been set and on the 18th of July 2018, a date which marked 100 years since the birth of Mandela, and one that had been declared a national day of service by the South African government, the IIG Class of 2018 delegates found ourselves huddled in a Discovery Insure sponsored bus, off to effect change in the small farming community of Delmas.

In efforts to raise funds for the Amor House Build initiative the IIG Class of 2018 has been running several fundraising activities, this is done through the numerous events held by #YourIIG and ones held by the Class of delegates at their respective companies such as the upcoming FPM Potjie Burnout to be held on the 27th July 2018 at the FPM offices.

The Class of 2018 has also received incredible support from the industry at large, namely our Class of sponsors, Old Mutual Insure and Sasria, including some notable donations from Emerald SA , SHA,  Santam, iTOO , Hollard and  GIB …the list just keeps growing and we could not thank you enough for the ongoing support.

Back to Delmas – the goal was to assist in the building of houses that would be given to deserving community members, but as always with such initiatives, one receives much more than they actually give.

The first of the day’s gifts was a much needed hot cup of coffee and breakfast to prepare us for the day, on behalf of all morning coffee lovers and those that may have had to endure them without a fresh cuppa – thank you Sasria!

With spade in one hand and plastering trowel in other we began our day’s mission.

From the mixing of cement, fetching of water, shovelling of sand, climbing of ladders including the occasional playtime with the children who were watching in awe…ALL of it was a labour of love, and this was evident through the laughter and the dancing that accompanied the activities.

The magnitude of the day’s events was put into words by one of the delegates, Winnie Tshabalala, who said,” to know that someone will have a roof over their heads because of you is an honour”.

Another, Zaakira Gaus, noted that it was a humanitarian effort that completely changed her view on many things. This is true, we learnt so much about humanity and the spirit of ubuntu that is intrinsically a part of every South African.

Class of delegate Zoliswa Juleka said it best “Team work makes the dream work”, therefore we would like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers that came out in their numbers, including the future homeowners who enabled us to finish the plastering of both the full interior and exterior of two houses – all this between the hours of 9am and 3pm.

That was our Mandela Day and in spite of the aching muscles we wouldn’t have spent it any differently.

Article by Samantha Shabangu