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Roots & Wings: A check-in at the Mix and Mingle evening

t is half way through the Roots & Wings mentorship journey of 2018 which was launched in May 2018. The mentors and mentees got together for a mix and mingle networking event, on a lovely Monday afternoon the 20th August 2018.   The event was hosted at the Emerald offices, where mentors, mentees, programme facilitator and sponsors were welcomed to a stunning outdoor set up with a variety of snacks and drinks.

Kicking off the formalities, #YourIIG President Daniel Stevens welcomed all attendees and thanked everyone for attending the event.  He emphasised the importance of mentorship throughout a career and encouraged the mentees to make the best out of their relationship with the mentors.  Mentorship is not a one-time event but a journey which should continue beyond the end of the programme.  The president ended off by thanking Insure Group Managers and Sasria SOC for sponsoring the Roots & Wings programme.

Linda Coetzee of Linda Coetzee and Associates (LCA), the programme facilitator commended our IIG’s GM, Nina Joubert and the rest of the team on the excellent mentor and mentee pairing this year.  There’s been great feedback received from both mentors and mentees.  A mentor and a mentee were nominated to share some insights on their journeys thus far.   Asiya Swaleh aka “Archie”, a Senior Account Executive at Insure Group was nominated by Kylie of LCA to give feedback from a mentor’s perspective.

Asiya, a first time mentor shared how Roots & Wings programme was appealing to her right from the start.   “Paying it forward” in terms of knowledge and experience and the fulfillment in shaping someone’s career and livelihood are the two main contributors that attracted her to sign up as a mentor.    She also reflected on how her own personal mentorship journey contributed towards her relationship with her mentee.

The first meet and greet between Asiya and her mentee Mandy Sesoko from Discovery Insure, felt like a speed dating, where you arrive with the right intentions but you never know who you are leaving with.   Fortunately for both Asiya and Mandy, there was an instant connection.   This was also affirmed by Mandy that it was “love at first sight”.   Gender also played a huge role for Asiya and Mandy in forging a trusted relationship as she could relate to some of the challenges faced in the workplace.  Asiya ended off with a parting quote for the mentees:  “Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest without planting”   It was a heartfelt speech, which was sealed off by an emotional hug between Asiya and her mentee, Mandy.

Next up, it was time to gain insights from a mentee’s perspective.   Nomfundo Langa from Insure Group was selected to say a few words on her journey thus far.  Nomfundo’s story was inspirational to say the least.   In the few sessions that Nomfundo had with her mentor,  Zanele Mahlangu from Nedbank Insurance, there’s already been significant shifts and tangible actions.   Nomfundo reflected on how she has already achieved most of the things she thought would only happen in 5 years’ time.  She credited her mentor for giving her a sense of confidence in her abilities, making her see things from a different perspective and nudging her to take action.  Nomfundo is already imparting her insights she’s gained from her mentors with other girls.

The other mentors and mentees in attendance also had an opportunity to briefly share their own experiences, where the importance of pushing mentees out of their comfort zones and networking were some of the points highlighted. The feedback from both mentees and mentors demonstrates the success of the 2018 Roots & Wings programme.  It is evident that the programme is living up to the objective of “Build, Empower and Fly”.

After wrapping up the formalities with the mentors and mentee feedback, the group then had the opportunity for some professional networking.

Once again, a special thanks to programme Sponsors: Insure Group and Sasria and if you would like to keep up with the initiative, follow us on social media via Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter as well as on our website.