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Meet the IIG Office

Meet the face of IIG, our office managers who oversee all the day to day logistics required to keep #YourIIG running smoothly. From assisting the council with their activations, membership engagements and keeping up with government regulations, these are just a few tasks they are assigned that keep the magic and essence of the IIG beating. Their goal is to help the Council achieve excellence and provide the institution with an outstanding experience for our members and stakeholders.


Here is a word from our ladies… 


After many years of ‘grooming’ in various roles, I started my position as the IIG Office Manager just as lockdown level 5 was announced, 01 Apr’20. Back then, I was not able to comprehend what the IIG offers the industry to the full extent but have since had the pleasure of interacting face-to-face with my colleagues, sponsors and industry professionals. After almost two years at the IIG, I can say that I am still learning about the IIG every day and getting to know the ins and out of the industry as we evolve from online to hybrid and face-to-face events and putting into practice the various roles I’ve mastered over the years.


Ultimately my goal is to master my profession within the IIG because I see this job as an opportunity to master my talent in my field – by enhancing my professionalism while learning new skills, interacting with different people and integrating new work methods.


I love that what I do contributes to opportunities being created in our country for others through the many different programmes we offer and services we render – It’s a means of giving back, which speaks so closely to my heart. We are our best resources and passing on our knowledge is where the power lies.


For fun I enjoy practising self-care, helping my boys become the best version of themselves and ever exploring the many differences in our country and the variety of cultures within.



For almost three years working for IIG, I have learnt a great deal. I especially value the interaction and exposure I get daily with the insurance giants who are our partners and sponsors and our dynamic council who are from all fields of the industry, including finance, marketing and distribution – everyone’s expertise is a marvel which I thoroughly enjoy.

I hold an IT certificate from TUT and have over 12 years of experience in the administration field from various industries, which include IT, mining operations and the medical field before joining the IIG.

Though I am still learning the ins and outs of the industry I enjoy absorbing the new information I am constantly exposed to whilst also proud of being blessed to be in a position to make a significant contribution to the IIG. In my spare time, I am a closet poet, social runner and an aspiring cook and baker. I love my family and enjoy being home in Pretoria.