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Past Presidents Luncheon 2018

On 30 August 2018 the Insurance Institute of Gauteng, had the privilege & honour of hosting the Past Presidents of #YourIIG at our annual Past Presidents Luncheon.

This year we had a total of 18 past presidents in attendance, whose years of presidency spread from 1982-2018, that is 36 years of represented past leadership!

#YourIIG has had 97 presidents including our current, Daniel Stevens. The event was hosted at the boutique and exclusive venue, Fine Living by David Muirhead. A wonderful afternoon, in a beautiful setting with private surroundings allowed the IIG leaders (Past, Current and Future) to share their success stories, challenges, strategic thinking over a very special annual event.

This luncheon is always filled with a feeling of a family get together, it is also an opportunity for the current institutes president to share the current progress, theme and objectives, successes and challenges of the IIG. After Daniel Stevens (2018 President) opened the luncheon with a warm welcome, he shared his updates about the IIG Events & Education Programmes for the year, highlights around our theme of #StrivingForExcellence in 2018 and your institutes’ goals and aspirations going forward.

Gerald van Wyk, Immediate Past President, was formally welcomed to the official “IIG Past Presidents club”. A special thank you was conveyed to the institutes past leaders for paving the way and contributing to a successful journey.

Clifford Mack, IIG treasurer, prepared a one of a kind toast to #YourIIG, in celebration of the institutes 107th birthday. A heartfelt Thank You to all Past Presidents for their legacy and constant support to IIG council.

Article By: Shari Nagel