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Team Amabutho: July Update

The classroom session I recently attended was an extraordinary experience that delved into a few personal and interpersonal development topics.

Led by expert facilitators, the session was designed to provide valuable insights and tools to unlock our potential for growth and self-awareness.


We delved into coping with trauma and anxiety, discovering coping mechanisms and support systems. By sharing our experiences, we created a compassionate and empathetic space that allowed healing and growth.


We looked at the Johari Window, a powerful model that maps our self-awareness and how we perceive and are perceived by others.
By exploring the hidden and unknown aspects of ourselves, we learned to enhance self-awareness, communication and interpersonal relationships. This encouraged us to embrace feedback and foster trust in our interactions.


We discussed personal branding, focusing on the importance of being an authentic leader. Recognizing that personal branding is not about projecting a false image, but rather an honest reflection of who we are. Understanding our why took us on a profound journey of introspection. By identifying our core values and purpose, we gained clarity on our life’s direction and the importance of meaningful choices aligned with our aspirations and values.

The Wheel of Life was another insightful tool we explored, enabling us to assess different areas of our lives and create balance and fulfilment.


The power of yet was a transformative concept that shifted our mindset from fixed to growth-oriented thinking.

In addition, the facilitators emphasized that we should always be clear and concise when communicating on email as it impacts how others perceive us, highlighting the importance of remaining professionalism.


The session was an enlightening and empowering experience that equipped us with valuable tools to lead more fulfilling lives the experience served as a complete approach to personal and interpersonal development, fostering a deeper connection with ourselves and others.


Article written by: Deidré Henneberry