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IIG July class session review by Kgomotso Makola

IIG July class session review by Kgomotso Makola


When I joined the Class of Programme, I never expected to be confronted by the life-changing experiences that we walk away with from each session. I believe that like many of my peers in this class, we anticipated that we would get an in-depth session of the insurance industry, which we are all connected by. This couldn’t have been further than reality.

Last week’s session did not by any chance disappoint. This was one of the most profound sessions I have had. One was left realizing that we all are made up of a series of events, a series of genetic dispositions that we perhaps can or can’t control, but which ultimately shape us into the individuals we become, how we respond to situations, and what we learn from these.

The Class of Programme has helped me confront some of my worst challenges and helped me celebrate the highlights of my life. I did so while exploring and considering the teachings of every class. Some of these teachings were more complex than expected while some were even painful. Anyone who claims that last week’s session didn’t leave them in their feels, is either not telling the truth or is made of stone. I am even as daring as to say that since I joined the programme, I have been given the chance to meet myself at an undiscovered point and I have even reimagined myself in line with everything that I have learned during the classes. I have learned to see the world from a different lens while being cognisant of my response to this view.

Have you ever sat in a class and thought ‘man, I am precisely where I should be because I am part of something bigger’? That’s how I felt about last week’s session because I realized that if each induvial in that class shared their Class Of experience with those around them, we could really all leave the world better than we found it and truly live up to this year’s IIG theme #break the mold.

Article written by: Kgomotso Makola