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Thanking all our 2023 sponsors

The 28th of September 2023 marked a distinctive gathering within the vibrant landscape of Gauteng’s insurance sector. Hosted at the elegant Pablo Clark in Silverstone Midrand, the Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG) orchestrated a unique event that transcended the conventional networking affair. It was an afternoon that seamlessly blended appreciation, connectivity, and a touch of high-speed excitement.


Attendees experienced more than just a customary gathering; they immersed themselves in an event designed to express gratitude while fostering connections. The ambiance crackled with energy as professionals from the short-term insurance industry converged, not just to unwind but to engage in an array of experiences that went beyond the norm.


Central to the occasion was the expression of heartfelt gratitude to the multitude of sponsors whose unwavering support fuels the IIG’s impactful initiatives in the industry. This event served as a resounding “Thank You” to these invaluable contributors, acknowledging their pivotal role in enabling the IIG’s accomplishments throughout 2023. At its core, the IIG champions a vision that revolves around the holistic engagement of the short-term insurance industry in Gauteng. Through a strategic blend of professional networking, education, inclusive transformation, and fostering a sense of pride in affiliation, the IIG continually strives to unite and fortify the industry.

Collaboration and innovation serve as the foundation stones upon which the IIG stands, ensuring a perpetual state of rejuvenation, relevance, and sustainability. With an unwavering commitment to progress and growth, the IIG navigates an industry steeped in history, steering it toward a dynamic and thriving future.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the insurance sector, the IIG remains steadfast in its mission, fortified by the support of its sponsors and the collective dedication of industry professionals. The event was not merely a celebration but a reaffirmation of the ethos driving the IIG: unity, progress, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence.

To our sponsors, the IIG extends its deepest gratitude for a successful 2023. Thank you for enabling us to continuously strive toward a stronger, more connected, and thriving insurance industry in Gauteng.



Article Written by: Caryn Solomons