IIG News

The IIG Class of 2023, The IIGEEZ…

Not much more needs to be said other than the above subject line.


We have only been apart of the programme for just over 5 months now. How much has changed… You tell us!

  • We have just completed our first event and it was not just a massive success and awesome turnout but a standard, that we have now set for ourselves going forward.
  • We managed to source sponsors, and most gratefully participants, who were willing to set their Saturday plans aside, to participate in the first event of many. A Soccer and Netball tournament between “Rival” Insurance companies. (AON, Marsh, Absa, Nedbank, iTOO, Indwe, Old Mutual, KEU and HOLLARD to name a few…)
  • We had our own snack table sponsored by IUM, where we were selling cookies, chips, chocolates and ice-cold sliced oranges for players and spectators. Every cent of these sales will be going to the IIG / Bathu Shoe Drive for Matriculants. As well as all entry fees incurred for the teams who participated.


Now in most tournaments, there are usually winners and losers… in the tournament we hosted, there were only those who came and those who missed out. Do not get me wrong, there were awesome prizes (Airpods for man/ women of the match in both Netball and Soccer) or awesome hampers and bundles for the winning teams, but that is not why you wanted to be there, is it?


Whether it be the ecstatic crowd humming and hawing when a player took a shot or the spectators that couldn’t help but dance when an awesome song started playing. Everyone was simply enjoying themselves and what’s more? They were connecting, they were building or bridging relationships and lastly, they were asking us when the next tournament shall be and telling us who they would like to be put up against.


So, to answer their questions and to put the people “Who Missed out” at ease… THE IIGEEZ will be hosting another event, and as soon as we can. We have taken all your feedback to heart and can only promise an event even more fun, more successful, and even more competitive.

Article written by: Evan Peters