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Transformational Leadership

I have come across a really interesting read on Transformational Leadership from the book Every Manager’s Desk Reference page 312

Isn’t it good to know that transformational leaders are leaders who go beyond trying to keep individuals and teams performing at the status quo.

It further states that, “a transformational leader is one who has the power to bring about change in team members and the organisation as a whole.”

A light bulb 💡 went on in my head when I continued reading and it says ” Transformational leader: A leader who is capable of bringing about change in individuals and entire organisations, often helping troubled organisations turn around their performance.

A much-needed leader that should be present in our current ecosystems right, perhaps in both capacities personal and professional.

The book 📖 intrigued me so much I had the urgency to continue reading  🤔 and I became more curious 🧐. Then I learned that;

There are characteristics of a Transformational Leader, the book further described:

They distinguish themselves through the following characteristics:

#Charisma: A transformational leader is one who has a clear vision of the organisation and can easily communicate that vision to group members.

#Confidence: A transformational leader has good business sense and is able to see what decisions will positively affect the organisation. This enables the leader to act confidently, inspiring trust in team members.

#Respect and #loyalty: A transformational leader inspires respect and loyalty in individuals by taking the time to let them know they are important.

#Expressive #praise: A transformational leader is often expressive in praising individuals and the team on a job well done. Letting people know how much they contributed to one success will steel them for future challenges.

#Inspiration: A transformational leader is a master at helping people to do something they weren’t sure they were capable of doing. This is achieved through praise and encouraging statements.

It further distinguishes the upside and downside.

When this style works best: Transformational leadership is the ideal style of leadership to use when you need to drastically improve the performance of an individual, group, or organisation.

The downside: Transformational leadership can be a particularly draining style of management…….” Can it be?

For more on Leadership styles get the book. Food for thought: “No two people lead in exactly the same way…..”

What is your leadership style?

#IAmCrisp and it is good to learn about these things…. 

Article written by: Jonathan Crisp