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The IIG Office

This month we profiled the two ladies who are responsible for insuring the IIG runs like clockwork. The IIG community is grateful to all the hard work and organization that is done by Salome and Mpho of the IIG Office. They have done a wonderful job in adapting quickly to the online working environment.


Salome Van Der Mooren is the IIG Office Manager. She started her position just as lockdown level 5 was announced. Salome has done an excellent job of navigating the IIG Office through her newfound online skills. It has been a challenge e-meeting the teams and her colleagues whilst at the same time getting to know the ins and outs of the industry and IIG business procedures.

Salome’s goal is to master her role within the IIG. She see’s the IIG as an opportunity to learn the insurance industry and enhance her professionalism while learning new skills, interacting with different people and integrating new work methods.

Salome loves that what she does contributes to opportunities being created for others through the many programmes the IIG offers.
For fun, Salome enjoys the outdoors and hanging out with close friends and family members.


Mpho Tlagadi is the IIG Office Administrator. Mpho holds an IT certificate from TUT and has over 12 years’ experience in the administration field. Mpho has worked in numerous industries which include information technology, mining operations and the medical field.
Before Mpho started working in the insurance industry she had limited knowledge of what insurance entailed. Over the last year Mpho has learnt a great deal and developed a keen interest in insurance. Mpho continues to learn the ins and outs of the industry and has made a significant contribution to the IIG.

Mpho loves the outdoors, especially running, camping and hiking. She is also an excellent cook and baker. Mpho also enjoys writing poems and reading biographies.