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The IIG theme for 2022 is #ShowUp.

The IIG theme for 2022 is #ShowUp. It is a reflection of our hope that in 2022 we will be able to show in person for a significant number of the IIG  events. It is also a nod to the resiliency that we have been able to show as a society over the last couple of years despite significant challenges. We have seen how employers have shown up for their employees as they transitioned to work from home and later to hybrid work. We have seen how even in the depths of the July unrest, residents showed up to protect businesses that were under threat. We have seen how we have all showed up for our mental as well as physical health. We see these trends as continuing into 2022 and as the IIG we aim to be a part of that.


The IIG is primarily a networking organisation and in-person interaction is critical for networking and cannot be fully replaced by online activities. The IIG International is one example of an event that cannot be taken online without losing its essence. For 2022 the IIG has elected Madrid, Spain and Milan, Italy as its destination for the IIG International. Two countries that have withstood the worst of the pandemic and are emerging strong post-pandemic. Even for our local events, we see a path to having at least more hybrid events in 2022.


Wellness will also be an underlying theme in many of our activities and we are planning a conference of human capital practitioners to discuss and share ideas on the subject of employee wellness. We also see our various education programmes as examples of how we show up for the insurance industry by exposing our young talent to the immense opportunities that are present in our industry. The Roots & Wings programme is an example of where industry veterans show up as mentors to young mentees that are making their way up the industry ladder.


Overall we are very excited to be rolling out our new theme and we hope it resonates with the industry at large. 


Article by Deputy President, Thabo Twalo