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The Quest for Balance

To maintain balance at work among otherwise stress-inducing events, remind yourself of the positive side of all situations. When a situation arises that you view as negative, pause momentarily to find the positive side of it.



Stressful situations often are a matter of interpretation. If you have a hard time finding any positive attributes for a given situation at work, say to yourself, “It could be worse,” and proceed from there. You will be surprised what difference perception makes.


A simple source of balance for some people is keeping a plant in their office.

“Well with me being on the road most of the time I find balance by stopping on the side of the road when it is safe to do so, I pause for 5 minutes and view the beauty our world has to offer, whether it be structures, landscaping or viewing airplanes departing or lading etc….”


It is also important to exercise your creativity. If the nature of your job does not lend itself to creative expression, find your own ways to express yourself. Even if it is something as simple as color-coding your daily planner, the use of colours is a good release and will contribute to relaxation.


Make your time away count

Outside the office, prepare your mind and body for the time you spend in the office:


  1. Eat a balanced diet- Avoid heavy, carbohydrate-laden lunches/ snacks. Eat more fruit and vegetables snacks. You’ll have more energy and less internal discomfort.


“Well, I eat anything and everything that’s nice “lekker” and I’m no saint when it comes to meat, so I try and deworm (detox) twice or at least once a year especially when I start feeling internal discomfort. It works for me and I’m most definitely not saying that it will work for you, nevertheless research it”.


  1. Exercise- if you work out a little every or just a few days a week, you will notice a decrease in muscle tension, which will make your office much more comfortable. This time is important for you, so schedule it if necessary.


“Myself having three kids took up the challenge to wake up at 04:30am to hit the gym around 5:00am and then push a 1-hour session: Being 15min Treadmill, 20 min Circuit (Various exercising equipment), 10min: cycling and allowing 15 min to rest or we call it the pausing periods by breaking the 15minutes up into 5minute intervals, don’t really know if we doing the right thing but is works for us ☺”.


  1. Build relationships- Never underestimate the importance of time spent with friends. Your goods friends have a way of calming you, whether you need someone to talk to, laugh with, or take a break with. Who else would listen to you vent about work?


  1. “Most importantly” Get enough sleep- A well-rested body and mind are your best tools for higher performance. There is little at work that you can do well when you are groggy (dead, weak or unsteady) and tired.


Fortunately, you have a variety of stress-management options in and out of the office, before, after work, and during breaks. Using these options will increase your balance allowing you to be more productive and making you an easier co-worker to be around.


“Have a great day at the office, whether it be a week day, a weekend or in the evening. It will pay off!”


Quote for the week:

I am still learning. That is an important mark of a good leader….to know you don’t know it all and never will. – Anne Mulcahy, Chairman and CEO, Xerox.


2024 is here, take the bull by the horns, it will be demanding but awesome I love Mohamed Ali in one clip I he says………


To date I just love the confidence he represents…..Never give in, never give up!!

Most importantly have fun while doing (living) life.


IAMCrisp and I am still learning these awesome 😎 things….from the Everyday Managers Desk Reference 

Article Written by: Jonathan Crisp