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The youth, The youth, The youth is on fire!

The month of June has traditionally symbolized the power that lies within young people. It’s the kind of power than makes them see and experience the world and its possibilities differently. Today, the Insurance Institute of Gauteng is privileged to be recognized as an influential insurance partner that passionately stimulates the potential of our young people. Unlike other organizations, the IIG doesn’t need to run campaigns for a set period to participate in the development of the younger generation – we keep the fire burning within their bellies every-single-day through our Roots & Wings journey.

Our Roots and Wings mentees have been on this fulfilling, life-changing ride only for half of the year and already bear witness to earned career promotions and recognition emanating from the thorough commitment and dedication provide by our experienced insurance gurus.

As the youth month gracefully comes to an end, some of our mentees were delighted to share their personal testimonials with the insurance community. Here’s what some of our mentees had to share; “I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the transformation this journey has sparked within me. My mentor’s guidance, support and belief in my capabilities have been instrumental in shaping both my personal and professional growth. It has empowered me to step into my true potential, embrace challenges with resilience and pursue my aspirations with unwavering determination” Baswabile Kgatla.

Trisha Pillay couldn’t resist an opportunity to share her gratitude towards her mentor and said “I started the Roots and Wings Programme early this year and I must say that it has been the most amazing career journey so far. The amount of exposure that I have been receiving is phenomenal. I have gained so much of knowledge and wisdom thus far and I can only imagine what is in store for me going forward”.  Furthermore, she added that “My mentor has become such a strong pillar of strength. This month she signed me up to be a member of the Gauteng Women in Insurance which I am so grateful for”.

Roots and Wings Mentors – We salute you!

Article written by: Thuso Mafumo