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Watch: Celebrating IIG’s first-ever cohort of the new IST programme

Congratulations to The first-ever cohort of the new IST programme for the year 2021

To all the 24 young tech experts who boldly adventured where no one had gone before! The Class of 2021 graduated from the Programme on 2 December 2021. Huge congratulations to all of them for all the hard work as well as the level of interest and engagement they showed.

Powered by the Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG), Graduate Institute of Financial Sciences (GIFS) and Sasria SOC Ltd,  it was the first-of-its-kind education initiative. I was designed to fast-track digital transformation in the Short-Term Insurance (STI) industry by fully immersing the IST graduates into the STI space.

The programme started as a dream from our President (Tshepiso Chocho) based on her wealth of knowledge and experience within the people space as well as the pressing issues. Due to the digitization era and 4IR, everyone speaks about, a gap was identified within the STI. When she shared it with GIFS they immediately saw the vision and put it into action to come up with what we would consider one of our most successful programmes this year.

More than a knowledge-exchange, specialist-guided and mentored programme, it covered a variety of wellness activities and workshops to navigate learners through levels of career articulation. It connected participants to the Corporate Athlete mindset by teaching skills, strategies, and practices of star corporate players and how these can be applied to the insurance industry.

Corporate Athletes, trailblazers, trendsetters and lauded specialists within the industry provided first-hand knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of the STI sector, enabling the graduates to harness their digital expertise to speed up tech-driven transformation and solutions.

The virtual graduation packed a powerful punch as the young men and women celebrated the culmination of their hard work, diligence and resilience in what was a challenging six-month education journey.

During the last town hall, the learners were challenged for the last time and had to present a business case to experts.  From this, they received some tough but constructive feedback on their work which most of them believe will go a long way in equipping them with the skills they need to use in the industry.

To all our IST graduates, we salute your extraordinary commitment and winning mindset.  Just to get a snippet of what some of them had to say about the programme:

A huge thank you to the sole sponsor of the programme, SASRIA for all the support and GIFS for empowering the programme. It is a great partnership and continued commitment to initiatives that further invests in our young talent.

Article by Bukhosi Khumalo, Councillor | Impact and Transformation

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