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Twenty Twenty Won – IIG Roots & Wings


Taking off on a high note this year, the IIG’s Roots and Wings participants held nothing back as they showed an immeasurable amount of excitement to partake in this years’ mentorship programme. Proudly sponsored by Discovery, Emerald, SASRIA and Constantia Insurance, all our physical #R&W21 events took place at the Constantia Insurance offices. We took great care in closely observing all Covid-19 safety protocols and we would like to thank Constantia for opening their doors to us and always ensuring we were all well taken of.


A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” — Bob Proctor.


No truer words have been said as the chemistry between the mentees and their mentor partners were undeniable and quite tangible right from the word go. This was easily spotted by Linda Coetzee and Associates who wasted no time matching up the pairs and preparing them for what promised to be an *exhilarating year!

What the pairs, and frankly all of us, didn’t know was just how awe-inspiring and life-changing each and every one of their journeys would become.



The programme saw a whopping 27 mentors, as well as 27 mentees, sign up this year, with only 26 pairs starting the programme officially. These numbers are a definite indication of the success the programme has seen over the years growing from a humble 14 pairs in the last 4 years.



Some feedback right from the beginning of the programme showed how the pairs were fully embracing the experience, some even as first-timers. This was evident at the first review session in May where the proverbial walls were coming down and people came out of their shells, even winning themselves prizes for the best and most creative selfies taken.


The groups really held it together amidst the challenges of not being able to meet physically, constantly encouraging one other which resulted in a wall of quotes being created by the mentees and the introduction of an all-new IIG #MentorshipMotivationalMondays social media movement that highlights the beauty in the transformation that the programme brings in every individual experience. What lockdown might have curbed through the loss of physical contact, our mentors and mentees definitely made up for with the support and virtual camaraderie felt throughout each and every session.


Now, one of the highlights of the Roots & Wings mentorship journey is presentation day. This is when each of the mentees are given an opportunity to showcase their journeys with their mentors. Be it through a speech or an all-out performance; the mentees present a true and very personal account of all they’ve learnt and gone through during the programme. Once more Constantia Insurance Company graciously welcomed our mentees along with their mentors on their grounds for a heartwarming and overall moving day of gratitude and tribute. The difference in who the mentorship pairs were when they all started the programme versus the people who were present in that room on this day was a true reflection of this year’s IIG theme #BetheDifference, as it was evident that not only had the mentors made a huge difference in the mentees’ lives but brought out the passion in the mentees to want to be that difference in other people’s lives too.

One of the most significant events on our academic calendar has to be Graduation day and for good reason. This years’ big day was attended by mentors, mentees and some of their managers, along with some of the IIG council, President Tshepiso Chocho from SASRIA, Deputy President Thabo Twalo from Santam, immediate Past President Darryl Grater from Discovery Insure and Past President Carla Jordan from Emerald.

Mentees bounced and glided down the orange carpet to receive their certificates of completion, truly marking not the end but the beginning of journeys that they carved for themselves through a simple nudge in the right direction from the right people at the right time.



As the year winds down to a close, we hope to #ShowUp in everything we do in 2022 and most definitely in the years to come, for ourselves and those around us, and for our industry.



By Jabulile Mtimkulu


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