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Class of…The Show Up Resolute update

Good things come to an end what an incredible 8 months it’s been I’ve met the most incredible people been to incredible places #Steyn City .


The IIG Class of programme is everything and more if it were up to me I’d make it mandatory within the insurance sector  It’s been a fruitful journey  I’ve learnt  a whole lot more about myself and also about people I have the courage to show up even on days were its unshowable for the lack of a better word .


I’ve found my ultimate purpose and can confidently say I know where I’m headed to in terms of my being holistically I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything I’m ready to give Faith to the world .


I’m grateful for all the role players the impact is immeasurable I cannot put a value to it I’d like  to give special thanks to  Linda and Jenner these phenomenal  ladies keep raising the bar they showed up effortlessly  .


From me Faith Sendege “The Show up Resolute” I done did it in the words of Our Queen B “I was here!!!!!!!”


Article written by: Faith Sendege