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Have you booked your seat?

After 2 missed years of traveling, YourIIG’s Ultimate International and Educational Networking Experience is back!

In 2015, the Insurance Institute of Gauteng started an initiative that would grow to be one of our most looked forward to events for the insurance industry, through exposing the local industry to the international market and vice versa. 

 Some of what you can expect on this trip is:

  1. Learning and networking at an international level with a touch of ‘local flavour’ of how other markets operate
  2. Visiting some of the key players in the respective markets with the aim to get on the ground information
  3. Getting immersed in the culture and history of Spain and Italy through the eyes of the local people
  4. Visits to some of the famous non-insurance entities
  5. Lots of fun, activities and relaxation

Some snippets from the 2 previous trips:

2019 , San Francisco and Washington DC – https://youtu.be/Zxip1dz0nmc 

2018, Zurich and Amsterdam – https://youtu.be/OzCLxREPY0g

In order to get ample time to apply for visas timeously, the cutoff date for bookings has been set for 7 July 2022. The delegate briefing will be on 02 August.

Register and make your booking before next week for what will be a memorable trip. Contact info@iig.co.za for booking and enquires


Article Written by: Bukhosi Khumalo