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IIG International Countdown

“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell.” -Paula Bendfeldt


YourIIG now counting down just weeks until the departure to the ultimate networking experience destination in Europe and an opportunity to learn and see things from a different perfective. The last trip was in 2019 and this is a good way to welcome back normalcy as we return to pre-pandemic mode.


Did you know, Madrid has the oldest restaurant in the world, with Spain being the only European country with a physical border with an Africa country? YourIIG this year is making its way to Madrid and so far has planned numerous visits to a number businesses within and outside the insurance industry. In-between the visits,  delegates will be treated to learning and immerse themselves into the rich culture of the country and city through experiences, tours and great food J


The next phase of the trip will be in Italy, Milan; the fashion capital. It is a country with great history and it is said that it has more world heritage sites than any other country in the world. It is also home to the Vatican City, which is considered world’s smallest country. Some business visits have also been confirmed where we will learn about the market from the various local players’ perspectives and about their businesses in general. Each session ends with a Q&A and also networking opportunities over some finger snacks.


Some of the greatest and mutually beneficial networks for individuals, businesses and the IIG have gotten have been through trips like these. This will be from broking, insurance, reinsurance and law firms as well as some clients of some of the businesses we will interact with. Look out for more updates on the exciting details regarding the business visits within the two cities as we draw closer to the travel time. Trip is scheduled for 26 September to 05 October


A huge thank you to our Sponsor, Santam Insurance, for making this trip possible…


Article written by: Bukhosi Khumalo