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Meet the #IIGlobal2019 Delegates!



Meet the #IIGlobal2019 delegates as they embark on the Ultimate Education and Networking Experience of a lifetime to San Francisco & Washington DC.


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We caught up with Chelene Naidoo, IIG Ambassador and Brand Manager at Camargue. Here’s what she had to say.. 









What is your favourite childhood memory?

Playing cops and robbers with my sister and our imaginary friend, Michael Bonjour.


What is your favourite holiday destination?

Anywhere with a beautiful sunset.


What do you like to do while travelling?

Visit local coffee shops!


What are you looking forward to the most on this trip?

Looking forward to gaining and sharing the power of knowledge with the #IIGlobal2019 delegates! As a creative, also looking forward to visiting Silicon Valley.


Tell us something fun about yourself that most people don’t know? 

  • I have two different colour eyes
  • I play a left-hand acoustic guitar


What is the one thing that you cannot travel without?

Besides the standard electronics, I can’t travel without my spectacles and/or eye drops.


If you could live in any other country where would you live?

Probably the UK.


Do you have a song that reminds you of a road trip?

Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out!


Have you ever gotten lost while travelling?

Oh yes! I took the wrong metro train in Dubai (earlier in July) and after 30 minutes realised it was going in the opposite direction.


Any Airport hacks to share with fellow delegates?

Have a top playlist! Make sure your tracks/podcasts are downloaded in iTunes and not only added to playlist – I’ve made this mistake a few times.


What other destinations are on your bucket list?

New York, soon!


How will u be putting the SA in the USA?

As a part of the delegation to the US, demonstrate that SA has the capabilities, tenacity and creativity to provide world-class solutions to business, and that we are leaders in having a good time!

Stay tuned as we feature the next #IIGlobal2019 delegate..